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Our Story

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The Chopper Foundation was established by Thomas (Bink) and Sharon Yetto in May 2019 in honor of their beloved dog, Chopper. Bink was gifted Chopper as a puppy in 2005, and he was the most important part of his life, that is until he met Sharon in 2009. Chopper then became the center of both of their lives! Chopper went everywhere with them, and wherever he went, everyone fell in love with him. 

In March 2019, a few weeks after having a good report at his senior wellness exam, Chopper suddenly became very sick. They discovered he had a very aggressive liver cancer and 70% of his liver had deteriorated. The doctor did not even know how Chopper was still alive and credited this to the love that Chopper had for his family. On April 1, 2019, Chopper crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

“Not many can say they had a ‘soul’ dog but we can.”

​About a month after his passing, Sharon witnessed a very distraught couple leaving the vet office with their injured dog because they were unable to afford the emergency care. This inspired Bink and Sharon to start The Chopper Foundation so that they could help owners get the life-saving care their pet needs. They want to ‘break the cycle’ and help people avoid surrendering to a rescue or shelter, euthanized, or living in pain simply because of the expense. One solution with every dog is to attempt to keep the family together in their loving home.


The Chopper Foundation, Inc. became official in May 2019. Chopper is helping us change the lives of other dogs and their owners. After receiving funds over the next few months, The Chopper Foundation helped its first dog, Chippy, in October 2019 and looks forward to helping many more animals in the years ahead.


The Chopper Foundation also supports the following friends with grants and funds to help save dogs everywhere in need:

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